AI Ignites, Goals Unleashed!

At our core, we believe that every small business has a potential, waiting to be unleashed

Febus AI

Febus is a Human centric company, and leverages generative AI technology to unleash human’s true potential. In the heart of innovation, our company stands as a beacon of empowerment for small businesses, driven by our unwavering commitment to harnessing the transformative potential of generative AI.

With cutting-edge technology and a passion for catalysing growth, we provide solutions tailored on your business that foster creativity, efficiency, and growth.

Our dedication lies in enabling entrepreneurs to dream big and achieve even bigger. Through our innovative approach, we bridge the gap between aspiration and accomplishment, propelling small businesses toward unprecedented success.

Our projects

Perfect Trainer App

Application to support Trainers and Doctors in remotely evaluating patients and customers movements highlighting errors, progress and providing suggestions and corrective actions.


Application to produce low cost video dubbings with synthesized natural voice in a foreign language. Our Dubbing AI App revolutionizes the process of video dubbing by providing cost-effective solutions. Using advanced technology, the app generates video dubbings with synthesized natural voices in foreign languages. This eliminates the need for lengthy and expensive dubbing processes, making it easier for businesses to reach global audiences and expand their content effortlessly.


Platform to create natural voice podcasts by using Gen AI pipelines. Our Auto Podcasting solution simplifies the creation of engaging podcasts. By harnessing Gen AI pipelines, our platform automates the production of natural voice podcasts. Content creators, influencers, and businesses can take advantage of this innovative tool to produce professional-grade podcasts with minimal effort, freeing up time for other creative endeavors.

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